Research Questions and Answers

1. How will the experiment be carried out?

Our research would be engineering based project. We would be building a few different types of paper air planes and test out its durability of it and how the shape of the plane would affect the flight of the plane in the air. We would have a fixed distance for the aircraft to fly. The different aircrafts would all be tested out then we would record the relationship between the shape of the plane and the flight duration in the air. 

2. What are we trying to find out during this experiment ? 

We plan to find out how will the different shapes of the paper airplane affects its flight distance. We also want to find out the relationship between the shape of the plane and the distance that the plane can travel.

3. What kind of material are used for the folding of the paper airplane ?

We are going to only use 1 material throughout the whole experiment and that is printing paper as that is very common. We try to keep everything constant except for those material that needs to change in order for us to carry out our investigation. 

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