Individual Reflection


Through this project, i have learnt a lot of different things. First of all, I have learnt to be better at research studies. At the start of the year, I had thought that my research was at its peak. However, during this project, I have found many things that i found myself lacking and as the times went by, i found myself in need of all this skills. Moreover, as i progressed through the project, I also found myself enjoying this project as well as the new things that i had learnt. Secondly, I became closer to my friends. This was because as i progressed through the project, I found myself facing difficult challenges tat neither my group mates nor i could solve. These problems included not knowing how to fold good air planes, little knowledge on the aerodynamics or coming up with a group project. In all these challenges and more, my friends, both new and old ones, helped me and my group mates overcome the challenges. Thus, i have gained many different and valuable knowledge and experiences and if i ever have a chance to do this kind of project again i would do it.


During this few weeks of working together with my teammates, I have learnt a lot from this experience . First of all, i learnt to work with different type of people. I also realize that i have to step out of my comfort zone sometimes and work with people that i might not work well with. I also learnt that everyone has their roles and responsibilities. We should not let 1 person do all the work. As a leader of the group, I felt that roles are very important. I used to be the one doing all the work but once i started to assign roles, everyone was doing their part to contributes they realized how important ISS was. I also learnt to pick up leader ship skills from ISS. As a leader, we cannot let others push us around however we cannot use our authority to command people. We must set a good example for our teammates to follow . During this course of time, i also learnt about teamwork, we would fail, that is why having good teammates are important. If one has to do everything by himself, its pointless to have a group in the first place. All in all Iss has allowed me to learn many new things and develop my character.


Throughout the duration of this project, I learnt a lot on team and project management, and to also work with different people. i feel that it is quite frustrating to work with people whose personalities clashes with yours. As our interests also clash, one must think fast so as to satisfy both parties. My leader, choon wee, has done quite well in that. I learnt about improvising, which comes handy in many situations, such as project failures and many more experience this term.


I have learnt to be more hard working in this project and also to work better with my teammates. This project was harder than I thought it would be and I appreciate the great learning experiences the project gave me. Mr ng gave a few good suggestions about the project and we took them up. Mr Ng has really helped us during this project, suggesting how we should throw the paper air planes, and in general, without his help, we would not have been able to do parts of this project. We had to do the experiments over several times as Mr Ng had pointed out a few problems in doing the experiment. This project had presented some unexpected challenges, like time constraints when we could only do the experiment in a certain amount of time, and the fact that we were unable to borrow and use the wind tunnel to go more indepth n how the wind flows through the plane. However, the project let me learn more about myself and my classmates and i would do this kind of project again if i had the chance for.

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