1. Gather relevant material including A4 size paper , a computer , measuring tape.

2. Find a open space to carry out the throwing of the air planes 

3. measure a fixed distance for the plane to fly , preferably 20 meters.

4. Getting the table or graph ready for the recording of data 

5. Fold 5 different shapes of paper air plane according to

6. Throw each plane 20-30 times and record down distance traveled 

7. Take the average of each plane. 

8. Compare the results. Take the worst reading and the best reading.
(If the plane did not fly straight , use the string to measure the straight line distance of the flight of the plane )

9. Use the plane that has the worst reading and the plane that has the best reading 

10. Research online about the statistics of both the paper planes chosen.

11. Read up about how come the plane with the better reading flies better than the plane with the worst reading.

12. Take down the results of our finding

13. Confirm our hypothesis

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